InShort Viral: Google is offering free online Course to study about Deep learning Techniques. It will be easy for those who have at least two years of experience in programming.

The Google desires to teach more and more people about some function’s of its products. The Engineers at Google are sharing their information via a new online course.

Google Is Teaching a Free Online Course

The class on the educational website, Udacity will provide deep learning which is a machine learning technique that is using numerous layers of neutral networks which will help to understand data sets clearly. Google basically uses deep learning in products like its Photos App which can automatically sort user’s images based  on objects in them.

Growing Use of Deep Linking at Google
Growing Use of Deep Linking at Google

The duration of the course is three months, which needs about six hours of work each week. The course is primarily composed of four main lessons that teach the students advantages of deep learning systems. This course will also help them to build their own learning models. With this course, Students can also learn how to use TensorFlow, which is open source machine learning software that Google implements in its own products.

However, the free course is not recommended to freshers as Udacity suggests that students who are having at least two years of experience in programming and some basic machine learning knowledge should enroll in this course. Although, this course is free and anyone can join, but it better two have some experience before joining it.

According to Google’s Research Scientist, Vincent Vanhoucke posted in his blog that, “Our Goal in providing this course was to give the Machine Learning geek a swift and direct path for solving real and fascinating problems with “Deep Learning Techniques”.

Those students desiring to start the course can join anytime and complete it according to their will.

So, this was all about the free course provided by Google to the students having some experience in programming along with some basic machine learning knowledge. We hope that you enjoyed this article, kindly feel free to share it with your friends.

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