It is not a secret that Google is carrying out major projects to totalize the implementation of artificial intelligence in the world. Hence, to take it further Google just launched a new Artificial Intelligence website.

Google Just Launched A New AI Website

It is not a secret that the tech giant Google is carrying out major projects to totalize the implementation of artificial intelligence in the world. So there are other companies that are joining this great achievement and everything seems to indicate, that all go to the same goal, but with different plans.

The tech giant Google has now decided to take a chance and just introduced a new Artificial Intelligence website ““.

Specifically, we are talking about a new initiative by Google, so that more people can take advantage of the latest research on auto-learning. Through this website will be published content related to research, tools and AI applied to real life.

Google wants to bring artificial intelligence to more people

Google has clear its objective and wants that any type of person without exclusions, can accede quickly to experiments that are carried out with the artificial intelligence. This technology allows us to generate music, recognize that we draw, learn and teach, there are multiple functions that can be performed.

Since the AI went on the market, there are many projects that have lasted over the last few months, and now they can be shared with the community. In addition, there is a selection of videos and publications about Google’s efforts on the stretch.

Thanks to this web created by Google, we will see how different universities and private research laboratories will share their projects with the interested community. Without a doubt, Google wants to unite companies, an important step in the times in which we are.

Today, technology is imperative and the creation of the same is what ensures the future, so it is important to share the projects that are being carried out personally or as a company, this will help create new corporations and see more specialized professionals on different topics.

So, what do you think about the Google’s new website? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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