Google has paid Apple a heavy amount to remain its default search engine on iOS devices.

According to the records of court proceedings from Oracle’s case against Google, Google paid Apple 1 Billion Dollars to remain its default search engine on iOS devices. It is probably a high-end deal between Apple and Google.

Google Paid Apple $1 Billion to Remain The Default iOS Search Engine

Google has assured an agreement with apple that ensures iPhone makers will receive a percentage of revenue generated from Google through the iOS device, a lawyer for Oracle said at January 14 hearing in Court.

However, this fact was kept secret because both company didn’t officially disclose this deal. Rumors were circulating online about how much Google pays Apple to remain its default search engine. Spokespersons of both Apple and Google refused to comment on the information revealed at the court.

The treaty between Apple and Google also disclosed e lengths of measures Google can use to retain internet users to keep using its search engine through mobile. It also shows how apple is getting benefited through Google’s advertising business. In the meantime, the revenue share between Apple and Google is 34%.

However, certain details about this deal are still unsure. It is also unknown which company is getting 34% of the revenue or whether Apple is getting paid 34% of the revenue.

Previously, both companies tried to keep this deal secret and termed it highly sensitive. Certain terms of Google’s agreement with Apple are highly sensitive to both Google and Apple.

Oracle has been the arch-rival of Google since 2010 over the use of Oracle’s Java Software in the development of Android.

Oracle also supposedly revealed that Google had made $22 Billion in revenue from Android. Still, the documents also said that the payment was $31 Billion and the net profit was $22 Billion, the income Android generates from selling ads and applications.

Earlier in 2014, Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, tried to get Yahoo as a default search engine for iOS devices, but she did not succeed. Previously, Apple also used Microsoft’s Bing search engine to facilitate SIRI, but it did not continue.

This deal was possible only when Google paid Apple $1 Billion; it also reveals that Yahoo might be offering a lesser amount to set Yahoo as a default search engine on iOS devices.

So, this was all about the deal between Google and Apple and how “Oracle” leaked the details of this deal, and it also disclosed the amount that Google paid to Apple. We hope you liked this article; feel free to share your opinions in the comment section.