Google to Show the incorrect Search Results to Possible Terrorists
Google to Show the incorrect Search Results to Possible Terrorists

InShortViral: Innovative scheme launched by Google in UK to de-radicalize youth when they search to join terror outfits online.

The Search Engine Giant will show Ad-word Messages that look forward to fight extremism when possible terrorists find terror information online. This scheme was announced by Google, that those who seek to join dreaded terror outfits, they will be shown anti radicalization’s links instead of pro-terror links.

Google to Show the incorrect Search Results to Possible Terrorists

Senior Google Executive, Dr. Anthony House made this announcement who disclosed this scheme to the UK parliament MP’s when he was debating that how internet companies can help in combating terrorism.

Dr. Anthony told Common’s Home Affairs Select Committee that introducing this new scheme in UK to bring incorrect results to possible terrorists. He further said that if this new scheme will be effective, then it will be introduced worldwide.

See What Dr. Anthony Said:

We are working on counter-narratives around the world. this year one of the things we’re looking at is we are running two pilot programmes. One is to make sure these types of views are more discoverable. The other is to make sure when people put potentially damaging search terms into our search engine they also find these counter narratives.


Google has taken vital step in combating terrorism. Innocent Youth are getting radiclaized by the deadly terror outfits. Some terrorists handlers recruit youth through social networking or websites. So, Google has decided to show incorrect results to the person wishing to to join terror outfits and show them anti radicalization links. We hope that it will be successful in combating terrorism.

So, this is all about the Google’s Steps in ensuring Youth aren’t getting pro terror links while they search for it. We hope that you loved this article, feel free to share this with your friends.