Google Working on 5G drones which will Make Internet 40 times Faster Than 4G
Google Working on 5G drones which will Make Internet 40 times Faster Than 4G

InShortViral: Google is working on 5G drones which will deliver speeds up to 40 times faster than the current 4G Technology.

The Guardian has reported that “Google is testing Solar Powered Drones at Spaceport America in New Mexico to discover ways of bringing high speed Internet via Air”.

Google Working on 5G drones which will Make Internet 40 times Faster Than 4G

The hidden Project on which Google is currently working is code named as SkyBender, which plans to test few prototype transceivers and drones by using millimeter wave radio transmissions. According to documents acquired under public records laws, Google built many prototype transceivers at the far-flung spaceport previous summer. It is now testing them with different drones.

Millimeter transmissions cover the 28 Ghz frequency, however the range is low than present 4G Technologies but the speeds are tremendous.

This Millimeter Wave Technology can transfer many GB’s (Gigabits) of data per second which is nearly 40 times more than the present  4G Technology.

The Google also has built its dedicated flight control center near the Spaceflight Operations Center which is at distinct location from the terminal.

Receiving Millimeter Wave Technology from a high flying drone is obviously a great challenge, however Google is still working on different potential fixes. The one fixes among them is “High Antenna uses phased array technology.

Millimeter Waves are believed to be the future of high speed data transmission technology which may soon be important technology to 5G mobile networks. According to Aereo founder, Chet Kanojia’s net startup Starry said that it would use millimeter wave to deliver gigabits internet speeds to the people’s residences through WiFi. However, Millimeter Waves don’t have sufficient range than present smartphone’s signals. He further said that this technology’s high speed WiFi get’s easily disturbed by Weather change like rain, mist and snow. However Google and other tech companies would make these transmissions work over greater distances.

The Secret Project “Skybender” is segment of Google’s experiment in order to bring low cost internet by using balloons. Google has been operating Project Loon balloons in various countries.

Google has permission from the FCC to continue 5G Drone tests until July.

So, this was all about the Google’s 5G technology, which would bring cheap internet via balloons. However, its range is shorter but its speed is amazingly fast. Google is working to make it cover long distance. We hope that you loved this article, feel free to share this with your friends.