Google's new algorithm will make Chrome run much faster
Google's new algorithm will make Chrome run much faster

InShortViral: Google has made new algorithm called “Brotli” that will help chrome users to browse internet much faster. According to Google, this algorithm is slightly much faster than earlier one “Zopfli”. So you will be experiencing faster speed in the upcoming version of Google Chrome.

Chrome is one of the products of Google that is known for its speed and now it is getting much faster now as Google is set to launch their new algorithm. This mechanism will help you to watch videos, download files and surf web pages much faster. It is because of Google’s new algorithm called “Brotli” which Google announced last September. “Brotli” literally means “small bread” in Swiss German

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Google’s New Algorithm will Make Chrome Run Much Faster

Google’s web performance engineer “Illiya Grigorik” said that “Brotli” is ready to be launched, so chrome users will browse much faster now. According to Google, “Brotli” algorithm will help its mobile chrome users to experience reduced “battery use” and “lower data transfer fees”. The Google categorized “Brotli” as “new data format”. Google hopes that “Brotli” algorithm will be adopted by more web browsers in future, with Mozilla Firefox apparently next in queue to adopt it.

However, the company didn’t officially announced its release but it is expected to appear in the next few weeks. Google Chrome automatically downloads and installs updates, so your web browser will get a speed boost without informing you. You are likely to notice the speed boost, because Google has claimed that this algorithm will be 26% faster than the existing one.

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Google introduced “Brotli” in last September, however Google was grasped in Gender Controversy for its plan to use ‘.bro’ as file extension and Google was slammed by feminists over ‘misogynistic’ new product.