Hosting company OVH’s servers were hit by 1Tbps DDos attack. This is the World’s largest DDos attack launched from 152,463 hacked devices.

Hackers Create History, Launched World’s Largest 1Tbps DDoS Attack

So, hackers have set a new record for the biggest DDos attack ever seen by the world. The amazing part is hackers have managed to touch the magical 1Tbps mark. So, your smart devices might have unintentionally participated in a record-breaking largest cyber attack that the internet has just seen.

If you are the owner of any smart devices like Cars, refrigerators, thermostats or Internet-connected televisions then you might be a part of a botnet of millions of infected devices that was managed to launch the world’s biggest DDos attack.

OVH is an Internet Service Provider providing dedicated servers, shared and cloud hosting, domain registration, and VOIP telephony services had just undergone a massive 1 Tbps DDos attack last week.

On Thursday OVH founder and CTO octave Klaba tweeted that “Last days, we got a lot of huge DDoS. Here, the list of “bigger that 100Gbps” only. You can see the simultaneous DDoS are close to 1Tbps !”. Octave Klaba also shared a screenshot that reveals multiple attacks exceeding 100Gbps were guided towards OVH servers, including one that peaked at 799Gbps alone, making it the largest DDos attack ever reported.

Klaba also claimed that more than 25 colossal DDos attacks were faced by the company in past 48 hours. He also added further information which says that the attack has been measured from a network of 152,463 hacked devices which includes low-powered cameras, personal video recorders, and other smart devices.

Same botnet network also hurt the security publication Krebs with an intensity of 620 Gbps. However, Krebs got maintenance from Google’s Project Shield to defence against the massive attack. The current situation of OVH isn’t pretty good, Octave Klaba tweeted that new IoT devices have also participated in the DDoS attack.