Adobe Flash and Apple’s Safari web browser was hacked by security researchers at PwnFest. Adobe Flash was hacked in 4 seconds whereas Apple’s Safari web browser in just 20 seconds.

Hackers Won $100,000 For Hacking Adobe Flash

Bug bounty programs and some other White hat hacking competitions are the hot trends in the digital world. We have previously seen Hackers winning $215,000 for hacking iPhone 6S and Nexus 6P in Pwn2Own contest.

We have also seen a similar type of incident in PwnFest which is a bug pwning “festival” held for better security organized by POC. In PwnFest security firms and hackers target all different platform and they were rewarded with the cash prize and the platform developers get to know about the existing vulnerabilities.

We have seen Hackers won $140,000 for hacking Microsoft’s Edge browser in just 18 seconds and Google’s new Pixel smartphone is also hacked under 60 Seconds at the same event. Now, apple’s Safari web browser was hacked.

Apple’s updated Safari web browser was running on MacOS Sierra. The hack was carried out by a renowned Chinese hacker group Pangu which very often publishes iOS jailbreaks for free. Pangu team, along with hacker JH managed to hack Apple’s safari web browser in just 20 seconds and the team won $80,000.

Adobe Flash was the another target which was hacked in just four seconds. Adobe flash is infamous for its repeated security risks and Chinese security firm Qihoo 360 used a combination of zero-day and win32k kernel flaw to hacked Adobe flash in just four seconds. According to The Register, The team was awarded $100,000.

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