Happy Birthday iPhone! 9 Years Ago Was The First Model
Happy Birthday iPhone! 9 Years Ago Was The First Model

After all the outstanding achievements and the world’s most prosperous company Apple Inc celebrating its Birthday again, Nine Years are nearly a decade, but having such a huge achievement is worth full.

Accurately nine years ago, on January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs, on the platform at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, declared to the public many innovations: the company had replaced its name from Apple Computer Inc. to Apple Inc., it was formally proclaimed the set-top -box Apple TV and especially the product unveiled that presently consequently he made the fate of the company: the ‘ iPhone.

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On January 9, it can be considered the Birthday of the iPhon in all respects. Steve Jobs, during the conference at Moscow Center, had initially taken the game to the public announcing three separate devices: iPod touch with a large screen, a cell phone, and a revolutionary breakthrough in communications via the web; it became clear early on that the devices were not three but only one, the iPhone, which combines the features of the three devices into one.

Happy Birthday, iPhone! 9 Years Ago, The First Model

On June 29, the iPhone was sold for $ 499 for the 4GB model and $ 599 for the 8GB.

As the first product of its kind iPhone had some initial defects in its operation, especially the inherently poor signal 3G, flaws that were promptly corrected so that in no time, the smartphone was also praised by Time, that, has been called “the invention of the year”.

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Nine years later, the family of iPhone has taken many steps forward and gradually innovated in design and technology, confirming that the first device introduced in 2007 by Steve Jobs was destined to go far.