Apple iPhone 6s: Here's What Caused The iPhones To Shutdown
Apple iPhone 6s: Here's What Caused The iPhones To Shutdown

The Cupertino giant Apple has finally revealed the exact issue with the iPhone 6s devices, which are facing a battery problem. Apple revealed the exact problem in the iPhone 6s battery on its China website.

Apple iPhone 6s: Here’s What Caused The iPhones To Shutdown

The problem of the iPhone 6s batteries is well known. Its impact is not great, but to eliminate, Apple created a battery exchange program, thus solving the problem once and for all.

But even with this program course, Apple has now revealed the cause of this sudden death of the batteries. The cause is strange and is limited to only few iPhone 6s smartphones.

The problem of the iPhone 6s batteries has meant due to the many users complain of problems. Without any known reason, so far, these devices turn off strangely and the users can’t even control them.

But Apple finally explains the cause of this problem, giving a justification for many may seem strange. According to Apple unveiled a support page, the cause of this problem is due to an abnormal exposure of a battery component to the air.

“We found that a small number of iPhone 6s devices made in September and October 2015 contained a battery component that was exposed to controlled ambient air longer than it shouldn’t have been before being assembled into battery packs. As a result, These batteries degrade faster than the normal battery and cause unexpected shutdowns to occur. It’s important to note, this is not a safety issue”.

This abnormal exposure to air before assembly meant that this component would eventually degrade faster, leading to the batteries to switch off.

On that same page of Apple support reveals that this is not a safety issue and that the iPhone has mechanisms to shut down if it detects problems in their components or changes in the environment where the equipment is.

However, the battery exchange process is already underway, and the users must contact Apple or an official store or a dealer simply to replace their faulty batteries.

So, if you want to know if your iPhone 6s is covered by the battery exchange program, read this article where the whole process is explained in detail.