Hexlock Secure Android App to Protect Apps, Photos
Hexlock Secure Android App to Protect Apps, Photos

Smartphones have become part of our life. Android is the platform which is used by many major smartphones manufacturers. Every smartphone user has numerous apps on their device which helps them to perform different tasks but what if someone can open some apps that you don’t want to be opened by anyone.

For example, WhatsApp or Messenger app if opened by any person will also give that person a path to read the messages. So, to maintain your privacy, we have listed one app here which will help you to sort out privacy theft problem. As stated earlier, would you like any person to check your messages or some apps that you don’t to share with anyone? In case, if any person opens it, you will probably get annoyed. But, you can actually let any person to use your smartphone without allowing him to open certain apps. In other words, you can restrict any person from using certain apps on your Android

Hexlock: Secure Android App to Protect Apps, Photos

If you need to protect your apps, photos or data from some people, you can try an app namely Hexlock which will help you to maintain your privacy. Hexlock will not let any person to peek into some apps which you have protected with it. You can lock certain apps instead of locking your entire smartphone.


Hexlock has been made by Google Play’s top developer “Liquidum” and it will help you to protect your privacy, hide photos and lock online shopping apps and more.

While installing Hexlock, you will be asked to set a pattern or pin for unlocking various apps. You can also set profiles for your repeated locations. Interestingly, you can also use this app to restrict access when you give your device to children as there is a built in Kids’ mode for parental controls.

Hexlock is an app which protects your privacy, hide photos and lock online shopping apps like Amazon with Hexlock, a secure app lock, and private photo vault. You can use a passcode or your fingerprint* to lock apps and photos.

In a brief, Hexlock application is the one which secures our apps with many options. It also has a new feature called Media Vault which is useful to hide photos, videos in a locked gallery.

We will highly recommend you to try this application because it has two different interesting features as they have a feature of securing apps and hiding the photos, and you can do that from one app only. Moreover, it can be also secured with different profiles.

Features of Hexlock:
Have a look on some features of Hexlock :
✔ Lock Whatsapp, Emails and SMS. Keep your messaging safe!
✔ Secure Pictures and Videos in the Media Vault. Hide private files!
✔ Protect yourself from intruders. Lock your Games!
✔ Lock your Gallery and Photos. Keep your Privacy!
✔ Protect your Social Network apps. Secure your Kik and Facebook app!
✔ Lock your Systems. Control your own Wi-Fi, Settings, etc!

Everything on the internet has some curbs, even Hexlock also has some limitations but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it without paying. You can use it without paying too but paid option is more reliable as a free version of everything may come with some cons. When you open the app, you will have to see some ads if you are using the free version. Moreover, you could get rid of all those ads if you go for pro version.

Download Hexlock

If you haven’t used any app locker till now, then I would recommend you to give a try to Hexlock app as it can be used by almost any Android user due to its simple UI. You will not regret after installing it, do comment your reviews about this app in the below comment section.