As we all know that the Chinese company Huawei is the first manufacturer to integrate a pressure-sensitive screen into their phones in 2015 and now again Huawei is working on an extraordinary feature for its upcoming flagships.

Huawei To Launch An Extraordinary Feature For Its Smartphones

Huawei became the first manufacturer to integrate a pressure-sensitive screen into their phones in 2015, ahead of the tech giant Apple’s famous 3D Touch that they debuted on the iPhone 6s. Well, it seems that now Huawei is working on 4D Touch technology, and it could integrate into one of its future flagships.

As we say the most “famous” pressure detection technology on the screen is certainly Apple’s, even if it was Huawei who introduced it first in a mobile phone, there are thousands of examples of how well the tech giant Apple has been able to sell this technology to their users.

Huawei 4D Touch Technology on the way

Well, everything indicates that Huawei is already working on a new technology related to the detection of pressure on the screen of their mobile. At least that is what is meant by the name of the new patent that Asians are developing, and have already registered in the offices of intellectual property in Malaysia.

At the moment the patent is in the period prior to its approval, reason why at the moment it does not own as such of this patent. As you know 3D Touch or Force Touch technology is able to recognize the pressure we make on a touch panel, based on it perform one or other actions.

Precisely the 3D nickname comes from not only interacting with the touch panel horizontally or vertically, but we can deepen it by exerting pressure and thus obtaining new features associated with the screen of the device. Of course we totally ignore what this 4D Touch technology could offer, but obviously, its name points to an improvement in the interaction with the screen, not only the mobile but any other device that has a touch panel within the range Of Huawei.

Although logically it is expected to be on a mobile where it premieres. Now, among the mobiles that come to mind that could launch this mysterious 4D Touch technology, we can think of the new Mate at the end of the year or already in the Huawei P11 that we could expect at early 2019. What is clear is that it seems that Huawei is doing something “big” related to the screens of their devices, and will have to be very attentive to the movements of the manufacturer in the coming months.

So, what do you think about this new feature? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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