We all know very well that since reaching the market, the giant Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei has managed to grow exponentially and always well sustained. However, now according to the latest reports, recently, the CEO of Huawei stated that Huawei P20 will be much better than the iPhone X and soon Huawei will overtake Apple as well.

Huawei CEO: Huawei P20 Will Be Much Better Than The iPhone X

Since reaching the market, the giant Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei has managed to grow exponentially and always well sustained. Their models are at the top of the industry and this has pleased consumers.

It has always been the goal of the brand to reach the top of the smartphone market and now the head of the mobile division has set goals and account to exceed the tech giant Apple in just 2 years.

The future of Huawei in the smartphone market

In an interview given in the outcome of the presentation of Huawei’s new equipment at MWC, Richard Yu, the top manager of the Chinese brand’s mobile division, said he hopes to soon win Apple second place in the smartphone market and do it in a way permanent. According to their forecasts, this step should take place in one to two years.

“Overall, we are one of the top three smartphone providers but, maybe in this year or next year, in one to two years, our market share will be like one of the first two. We maintain strong growth. Sooner or later, we will be the first brand in the market” said Richard Yu.

According to Richard Yu, this is an inevitable step and the market has shown that it will be possible soon. Everything will happen thanks to the good numbers of Huawei in recent years and the innovation that it has put on the market.

P20: Huawei’s next big bet

When the conversation touched on the subject of the upcoming Huawei smartphone, the P20, Richard Yu was exhaustive. This will be a better smartphone than the iPhone X and everything else the competition offers.

“We will have a very big and bold innovation in camera technology. It will be much better than all other phones. Maybe I’m not humble, but ours is better, not just a little better, but much better.”

The statements are unmistakable and show that the great news will even focus on photography, an area where Huawei’s P line has proven and where it has managed to innovate in a unique way.

Although it is already the third largest brand in the smartphone market, Huawei does not want to be left out. It has managed to steal the place to Apple in key moments, thus showing its strength.

Of course, the Chinese brand wants to continue to grow and its great goal is even the top of the smartphone market, having to dethrone the South Korean giant Samsung.

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