Intel Launched its most powerful Hacker board till date. Intel Joule equipped with an Atom quad – core processor runs at 1.7Ghz with 4GB RAM.

Intel Joule: Intel’s Most Powerful Hacker Board Till Date

During the annual developer forum Intel, the company’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, made several announcements, most of them away from the field of computers (as we know) mobile without elaborate much on the Internet things. One of the popular announcement was the open source VR headset Project Alloy which is powered by Windows 10.

The same event also witnesses the launch of Joule, which is Intel’s most powerful developer kit till date. By looking at Intel’s previous products like Intel Galileo, Curie, and Edison. It is considered that Intel Joule is named after James Prescott Joule.

Intel Newsroom says “Intel Joule is a high-performance system-on-module (SOM) in a tiny, low-power package thus making it ideal for computer vision, robotics, drones, industrial IoT, VR, AR, micro-servers and other applications that require high-end edge computing.”

Intel Joule is a high-performance brand new 4-core system-on-module (SOM) in a tiny size of 48 x 24 x 3.5 mm, equipped with an Atom quad – core processor with 64 – bit architecture that runs at 1.7Ghz with 4GB RAM. Making it ideal for a computer. Intel Joule also has an integrated HDMI GPU Graphics and USB ports for mouse, keyboard, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Intel Joule also features Intel’s Real sense depth-sensing camera which can recognize gestures, objects, measuring distances and even recognize some human emotions. Therefore, Joule will also give IoT devices the required ability to make decisions and it can be used even in drones and robots to avoid collisions.

Like Raspberry Pi, 3 Joule also supports Linux distributions and Windows 10 IoT operating system. However, besides its power and potential, the price is another thing that differentiates the two plates, a lot. Joule will be available in two configurations or different models. The higher end model comes with a price tag of $369.99. The price is high compared to Raspberry PI.

If you need more information regarding Intel Joule then can visit intel’s website.