We all know very well that with the iPhone X, the tech giant Apple brought to the market some innovations. The most talked about, and possibly most important, is the Face ID. Hence, the tech giant Apple in its new iPhone X Ad videos shows Face ID, Portrait Lighting & more.

Apple’s New iPhone X Ad Shows Face ID, Portrait Lighting & More (VIDEO)

With the iPhone X, the tech giant Apple brought to the market some innovations. The most talked about, and possibly most important, is the Face ID. The technology it encompasses is unique.

However, we have already seen that how the market immediately prepared to respond to Face ID and the first competitor seems to be coming. The well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei has now announced that it will be able to do better than Face ID very soon.

It was at the end of the presentation of the latest element of the Honor family, the V10, that the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei unveiled a novelty that could soon be a reality in their smartphones.

According to the Chinese brand, its proposal for facial recognition is being created and will be able to be better than the tech giant Apple has in Face ID.

As a follower of the tech giant Apple, I’m sure this situation seems familiar: Suddenly and while you walk by the news or Apple’s YouTube channel, you find a new video, you immediately see it and you are surprised to realize that no matter how many times this company talks to you about a product, it always makes it different.

This week, those from Cupertino, of course, I am talking about the tech giant Apple presented three new videos on their YouTube channel in which they show more qualities and ways to take advantage of the popular Face ID and Portrait Lighting of the iPhone X camera.

Apple shows you what you need to know about the iPhone X

Each of the three pieces, is as always accurate, only last 15 seconds and in each clip the tech giant Apple tells us about the security of Face ID, how this system recognizes users regardless of their changes and finally focuses on the different configurations that we can take advantage of, so, we should thanks to Portrait Lighting, as we can see below:-

The first Apple Ad recommends that the iPhone X “open at a glance” thanks to Face ID. The company also continues to call Face ID “the most unforgettable magical password ever created.”


The second Ad also focused on the Face ID, describes how it adapts every day and is able to recognize it even as it changes. In the video, the tech giant Apple shows how the Face ID recognizes the user who grows a pretty impressive beard and then shaves. “iPhone X recognizes you, even when you change.”


Meanwhile, the third Ad video on Portrait Lighting on the iPhone X reviews the different Portrait Lighting settings, including Studio Light, Natural Light, Contour Light, Stage Light and Stage Light Mono. The tech giant Apple is proud that the iPhone X is capable of creating “studio quality portraits without study”.


So, what do you think about all these three advertisement videos of iPhone X and its popular security feature, of course, the Face ID? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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