The New Update for the iPhone 6 devices is reportedly leaving the iPhones unusable if it detects the repairs are not done by Apple.

Tech Experts maintain that Apple’s Devices contain an “Error 53” function which apparently stops the device from working if it detects that the repair is carried by third party.

iPhones Disabled if Apple Detects Repairs Carried By Third-Party

The Guardian Reports that users iPhones were disabled after the Touch ID home button was repaired by an engineer not working at Apple. This issue came into light after users upgraded to the latest operating system iOS 9.

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Guardian also quotes the experience of a freelance photographer namely Antonioa Olmos who said that the problem happened on his iPhone after he upgraded its software.

According to Guardian, Olmos claimed that he spent thousands of pounds on Apple Products over the years. He took his iPhone to an Apple Store in London, where staff told him that they could do nothing and his phone was now useless.

Many iPhone 6 Customer were seen discussing about the error 53 online in various discussion forums. At Apple’s Official forum, a user namely Wallihal posted that “With this update I’m unable to use the phone, and still have to pay for the phone itself.

“I did get the front screen replaced, and I understand that it’s now considered “tampered with”, but at least let me use my iPhone on the old IOS system… I can’t retrieve old photos or important documents I once had.”

The problem arises if the non Apple Repairer makes changes in the home button or the cable.

However, in Apple’s latest software upgrade Apple make’s sure whether the device is till using original parts. If it detects the phone is not using original parts, it simply disables the device.

There is no prior warning and presently no method to recover disabled iPhone. Apple has confessed that Error 53 has the ability to disable the iPhones if if detects the iPhone is using a third party component.

However Apple said in a statement to The Mirror said: “We take customer security very seriously and Error 53 is the result of security checks designed to protect our customers”.

It seems that Apple is keen on checking the originality of their iPhones, whether there sold iPhone are still using original parts or not. If it finds any third party component, it simply disables the device. We hope that you loved this article, feel free to share this with your friends.