The search engine for the torrent files, IsoHunt has launched an unauthorized mirror for the KickassTorrents (KAT), which is known as the world’s largest torrent portal that was shut down recently by the US officials.

IsoHunt Launches An Unofficial KickassTorrent Mirror

As we all know that yesterday the original KickassTorrents website went down just after the U.S. officials arrested the owner of the site Artem Vaulin, as well as also seized its all domains. As he is accused of various crimes, such as copyright infringement and money laundering, in addition to aggravating of conspiracy to commit both crimes.

Hence, a member from the torrent site isoHunt has unofficially revived a KickassTorrents mirror, the clone of torrent site kickasstorrents as “”. The clone “” exactly looks like the original KAT site, which went down yesterday, but after a closer inspection, it was found that it’s simply a basic mirror.

The torrent site IsoHunt told that “It’s not perfect but if users need to save and archive something it’s time. “We don’t know how long it can last, but at least it’s something”. If you remember then you might know that IsoHunt is the torrent site who was behind the resurrection of the pirate site “The Pirate Bay” during one of its numerous takedowns.

However, the new clone mirror of the “KickassTorrents” is not as sturdy as the mission to keep The Pirate Bay working, but it is just only been a day, so further features could be on the boundary. Even the IsoHunt team clarified that only one of their members has created the clone mirror, which is enough to demonstrate its limitations.

Here is the manifesto which the IsoHunt team has posted, as it shows up when you first visit the KAT mirror:-
“This morning the founder of was arrested in Poland. It is another attack on freedom of rights of internet users globally. We think it’s our duty not to stand aside but to fight back supporting our rights. In the world of regular terrorist attacks where global corporations are flooded with money while millions are dying of diseases and hunger, do you really think that torrents deserve so much attention? Do you really think this fight worth the money and resources spent on it? Do you really think it’s the real issue to care of right now? We don’t! is a website we all know and love, and the world will never be the same without it. That’s why before it will come back we’ve made the mirror of with all the torrents we could find. It’s not perfect but if you want to save and archive something, now it’s the time! We don’t know how long it can last, but at least it’s something. We will continue to fight for our freedom and you’re welcome to join us! Sign this petition on and let everybody know that there are many of us who refuse to be silent.

Our freedom is to share the human right which Artem Vaulin has been providing to millions of users from all over the world. By arresting him our rights are violated”.

Hence, it is clearly visible that this new extension proves that the torrent websites were not going to stop, as well as the type of torrent files which provides them liberty to be hosted wherever they want. However, if we notice then it will be clear like water that the blocking and seizing torrent websites’ domain has now become a very common activity which really does not justify anything.