Did you all know that a series of mysterious tweets from WikiLeaks led to rumours that founder Julian Assange had died? Yes, sounds creepy right, but later WikiLeaks’ volunteer finally managed to maintain that Julian Assange’s Internet connection was cut off by the State Party.

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange is not Dead, Just Offline

Hold on Julian Assange isn’t dead, yes, the famous editor of Wikileaks is now disconnected from the Internet, as the Wikileaks posted a series of secret numeric tweets, leading many spectators to assume that founder Julian Assange was in danger and likely dead.

These three tweets appear to be codes that would unlock some sort of encrypted file as insurance in case something Assange passes. It is a system called “dead man’s device”, basically it is activated when its head is not able to give the order that is still alive and programmed information should not be sent.

Declan McCullagh, chief political correspondent for CNET, a CBS company said that “Supporters of WikiLeaks around the world are downloading a file the site calls an insurance policy. The files are encrypted with a code so strong it’s unbreakable, even by governments. If anything happens to Assange or the website, a key will go out to unlock the files. There would then be no way to stop the information from spreading like wildfire because so many people already have copies. “What most folks are speculating is that the insurance file contains unreleased information that would be especially embarrassing to the U.S. government if it were released,”.

Many users on the social network like Twitter and Reddit have already suggested that these tweets include some encryption keys to the highly classified secret documents that should be revealed in the wake of his death.

Tweets Of Wikileaks
Tweets Of Wikileaks

However, these rumors were finally ended by WikiLeaks’ volunteer well known as Kelly Kolisnik, who tweeted that “The famous editor of Wikileaks Julian Assange is alive and well. Rumours circulating that he tweeted out a “Dead Man’s switch” are completely false and baseless”.

But when we talk about Wikileaks and this kind of messages, we take this type of information very cautiously. It is an organization that likes to draw attention to such methods in social networks.

Does this mean that Assange is dead? It is not known, no one from outside has had contact with him, as can be seen on social networks. What it is clear that the founder and editor of Wikileaks have failed to access his own system to disable the publication of these messages.

There is speculation that it may be the key to unlock the files that allow Wikileaks published in 2013 as safe. 349 gigabytes of data that is hovering on BitTorrent networks and there are people trying to decipher.

It was not until Monday evening when Wikileaks could confirm that the internet connection using Julian Assange at the Embassy of Ecuador in London, was defused by order of the government of Ecuador.

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