The international cyber-security and anti-virus provider Kaspersky is accusing the tech giant Microsoft of abusing its position with Windows 10 and simply pushing users to quit third-party security solutions in its latest operating system Windows 10, simply all with the intention of growing the user base of Windows Defender.

Kaspersky Accuses Microsoft Of Playing Dirty With Antivirus Apps

It would not be the first time that Microsoft was accused of abuse of dominant position, but above problems of the Redmond company had to do with web browsers, and this time the problem is in the computer security software.

According to the CEO of the company Kaspersky, an expert in this field, Microsoft is ‘playing dirty’ and should investigate their practices in Russia and the European Union, where the forms of the firm Redmon are damaging to third-party developers such as its signature.

The CEO of Kaspersky explained in a statement that with Windows 10 Microsoft is smothering third-party developers in different ways. First, reducing the time that offers these companies to adapt computer security software to new versions of the operating system, which was within two months and now it is one week.

On the other hand, it also launching constant notifications to suggest the use of native software in this field, which is Windows Defender and this, indeed, is extensible web browsers, since Microsoft is also launching constant alerts informing the user that the third-party software is ‘eating your battery’, for example in the case Notebook-computers.

While Microsoft launches notifications without apparent limitation, developers also imposed a limit of choices on the use of system notifications, not only for security alerts but also for alerts for license renewal product.

Such notifications, says the CEO of the company dedicated to computer security, are only allowed within the Windows Security Center, with lower visibility that the notification system used by the Redmond company itself.

What most worries Kaspersky is that Microsoft is pushing users to make use of a tool known as Windows defender showing unnecessary alarms concerning the security of their computers, and that is not as safe as standalone solutions.

Precisely for this reason, although not the only ones who are against the modus operandi of Microsoft, itself be the first to officially request the research in Europe and Russia on Windows Defender. They claim that there is fair competition between their native and third-party solution developers.