Popular torrent site KickassTorrent after making its grand comeback yesterday is now inaccessible again from past few hours. Users are reporting error message while accessing the site.

KickassTorrents After Coming Back To Life, Goes Down Again!

This year we saw that majority of Torrents website went down. Torrent lovers have seen the demise of KickassTorrents, Torrentz.eu. Of course, this really was a depressing news for all the torrent lovers as all the well-known torrent websites are shutting down.

Yesterday we have seen KickassTorrents came back with a new domain KATcr.co. The site was brought back by devoted ex-staffers and the website looks just like official KickassTorrents. Kat.cr team claimed that majority of original KAT admins and crew have already joined to a new site.

So, that might be the good news for torrent lovers. However, many users claimed that the new website address is inaccessible yet again. Actually, Katcr.co was launched as a forum for discussions among the community, and there was always a slight hint that the website could come back some time later.

Soon after the site came back to life, it started showing a 404 error and suddenly the community page went under construction. Users who are trying to download torrents are being shown a “403 Forbidden” error message.

The community page of KAT lists a message that suggests that it might not just be a technical glitch. “Servers Load have been affected, there are other few sources of this issue, it’s not just one. We are working on fix this as soon as possible .. one thing is for sure, we are not going anywhere, even as much these behind this acts want us to”

From the above statement, it looks like the website is under DDoS attack. The community page further says “Cowards always choose the shadows to commit their acts, and I do personally hope they know how to pray, they will need it”

Right now the page lists Rick Astley’s YouTube video titled “Never Gonna Give You Up”. There is no further information and the actual case is yet to be revealed.