Latest Windows 10 May Have A Linux Subsystem Hidden Inside
Latest Windows 10 May Have A Linux Subsystem Hidden Inside

InShortViral: The most recent version of Windows 10 RedStone build could have Linux Subsystem. It is claimed by renowned Windows hacker in his Twitter Account namely Walking Cat.

The new Windows 10 Red-Stone Build 14251 mcan have Linux Subsystem, packing in LXss.sys Plus LXcore.sys, claimed Windows Hacker.

Latest Windows 10 May Have A Linux Subsystem Hidden Inside

Twitter user, WalkingCat has first disclosed the hidden Linux Subsystem files in his tweet.

The name of this build is similar to Android Subsystem from Project Astoria, ADSS.Sys. Deciding from the names of the recently discovered new files like “Lxss” can be the “Linux Subsystem”.

These new files are concluded to indicate the return of Project Astoira, since build 14251 is the first One-core version of the operating system developed exclusively for mobile, Xbox One and Hololens.

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One possible reason that could have provoked decline of the Project Astoria was that Android Apps would only operate on Windows 10 Mobile Version. Project Astoria is also known as Windows Bridge for Android is toolkit which permits the android apps to run on Windows 10 Mobile Version. So, there are more chances that Microsoft is looking forward to Linux System Support for project in Future.

In a Blog Post, Microsoft revealed Windows 10 Insider Build 14251.

As we noted that this new build does not came with new and significant features, So Microsoft says that it came with number of fixes for bugs which were discovered by its engineering crew. The bugs which were fixed are mentioned below :

  • An issue which causes PC games to crash when the user changes from windowed mode to full screen upon launch or upon game resolution change.
  • An issue in which File Explorer crashes when DPI settings are at 175 percent.
  • Applications, including Magnifier, Narrator and third-party assistive technologies crashing intermittently.

So, this is all about the new build rolled out by Windows which may have a Linux subsystem hidden inside. We hope that you loved this article, feel free to share this with your friends.