The Korean tech giant LG has also developed a 12-inch stretchable display, and the best part is that this display can be stretched by 20 percent from its actual size.

It might now sound old to think about the possibility of stretching a display because at this time we are living now, it is possible we can stretch mold and even fold a display.

LG’s Stretchable Display Is More About Higher-Resolution

LG's Stretchable Display Is More About Higher-Resolution

We have all known about the foldable display for just the past five years. Before knowing about it, we didn’t even consider its possibility and market future, but now most people even use them, and the same future is coming for stretchable displays.

Today, LG unveiled this stretchable display via an official announcement on its website, where it also noted some details about it.

As I already mentioned above, this display is sized 12-inch with the capability of high resolution. And it can be folded and twisted without getting any damage as it is the result of free-form technology.

Also, its perfect comparison will be a soft cloth that can be stretched with flexibility and durability. On the other hand, this display is flexible like a rubber band, which will allow the display’s size expansion from 12-inch to 14-inches.

The Vice President and CTO of LG Display, Soo-young Yoon, has stated, “We will successfully complete this project to enhance the competitiveness of Korean display technology while continuing to lead the industry’s paradigm shift”.

Besides, Samsung is also reported to be working on this technology, but LG has come out as the world’s first to unveil this technology with a resolution of 100ppi, which is equal to the resolution of a 4K TV with an entirecolor RGB.

The company has been developing this stretchable display since 2020, and we might see its arrival in the market and use in gadgets from 2024 or early 2025.


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