Google recently launched its new series of smartphones, i.e., the Pixel series. The build of these devices is very premium, and the hardware quality is of top class.

The only flaw that the smartphone has is the screen brightness. The brightness is tested to be about 10% less bright than the Galaxy S7 edge, which is quite a large difference.

Under the sun, you may find your Pixel screen difficult to operate because of the low brightness. The screen still looks dim even if you drag the brightness slider to 100%. If you have purchased a Pixel device and struggling with low screen brightness issues, you may find this guide helpful.

Steps to Make your Google Pixel’s Screen Brighter upto 20%

In this article, we will share a working method to make your Pixel Screen brighter by up to 20%. Let’s get started.

1. The things you will require for this guide is a root access and the ElementalX Kernel app.

2. Once you have made your device compatible with the requirements by installing the ElementalX Kernel, you have to install another app named High Brightness Mode Widget.

3. Now, after downloading this widget app from the Google Play store, you will need to place this widget on your home screen of the Pixel Device. While placing the widget on the home screen, you would be asked for the Root permission. Grant the permissions.

Grant the permissions

4. This app increases the screen brightness by 20% whenever the user taps the widget icon. If you also wish to increase the brightness of your Pixel device by 20%, tap on the High Brightness Mode Widget icon. If you want to revert the changes and make the brightness of your screen normal, you could do that by tapping on the widget icon once again.

screen brightness by 20%

So, these are some easy steps that will help you make your Pixel screen brighter by up to 20%. If you need more help making your Pixel screen brighter, let us know in the comments below.