Man dies after leaving his iPhone charging overnight
Man dies after leaving his iPhone charging overnight

Mark Kruger suffered from a brain tumor two years before his death and was bedridden as he had lost the feeling in the left side of his body.

A person, namely Mark Kruger, aged 53, died by inhaling smoke. He died due to a fire caused by overheating his mobile phone, the iPhone 5, which he left to charge overnight. Assistant coroner for Berkshire, Ravi Sidhu , ordered a robe into the death of Kruger on Wednesday, February 3 at Reading Town Hall.

Man dies after leaving his iPhone charging overnight

The Probe stated that Mr. Kruger kept his mobile phone on his side and set it using an extension cord to make it more approachable.

Get Reading reported that, He was bedridden, and the left side of his body was paralyzed due to severe illness. He used to keep his mobile by his side of the bed, a wallet he used for shopping online, and also maintained his mobile phone in the event of an emergency.

The wife of Mr. Kruger, Iryna Kruger, had a statement read out on her behalf in court. She also described how her husband died in this tragic accident and relied on an electronic bed.

In a court hearing, it was said that “He had a Brain Tumor”; he had lost a lot of weight and was in deep pain.

According to the Toxicology report, it revealed that there was no alcohol found in Mr. Kruger’s blood system; however, morphine was found in his blood system.

Pathologist Dr. Fawaz Musa said, “Mr. Kruger’s body, had suffered 64% burns, comprised of first-degree burns to his face and upper chest, and residues traced in his windpipe.

It was later confirmed that he washed was that inhalation, which was caused b caused by overheating which he had kkept n, Bed Covers.

Mr. Sidhu, in a narrative verdict, said that Mr. Kruger died from smoke inhalation. He couldn’t feel his body from his left side as he was paralyzed and might not have been aware of the things happening around him.

This was about Mr. Kruger, whose left side of the body was not working, and how he died in a tragedy. He was suffering from a Brain Tumor and may not have been aware of the mobile device he left for charging. We request you not to keep your mobile phone charging overnight as it may put your life at risk and damage your property. We hope that Smartphone manufacturers will look forward to manufacturing devices that will auto-cut power when the device gets fully charged. Please feel free to share this with your friends to spread awareness.