Hackers used Mirai Botnet 14 to shut down the internet of an entire country. Mirai Botnet is an open source botnet and can be used by anyone.

Massive DDoS Attack Shuts Down Internet Of An Entire Country

There were lot’s of hacking stuff going on the internet. We have seen recently Web technology provider Dynamic Network Services Inc. which is also known as DYN had suffered a massive DDoS Attack.

Almost half of the internet was down during the attack. Users faced a hard time using popular services like Twitter, Spotify etc. Following this now, an unprecedented cyber attack has knocked entire Liberia’s internet offline.

Botnet 14, a Mirai botnet was responsible for knocking down an entire country offline. However, the target was a small one, Liberia which has a population around approximately 4.5 million.

Kevin Beaumont, a security researcher was the first one to notice this attack. He claimed that this is one of the largest capacity botnets ever recorded in Medium. For those who want to know about Mirai Botnet, let me tell you it’s an open source botnet that can be used by anyone.

Mirai Botnet uses insecure IoT devices to drive a massive amount of traffic to an online service or website. Mirai IoT Botnet is the same one which caused massive internet outage by launching DDoS attack against DNS provider Dyn which almost took down half of the internet.

Now the same botnet had knocked an entire Liberian internet offline. Kevin Beaumont wrote a post on Medium where he said that DDoS attack against the Liberian ISPs was one of the largest ever recorded and the attack was launched in short burst of few minutes over the course of a week.

Kevin Beaumont also wrote, “The attacks are extremely worrying because they suggest a Mirai operator who has enough capacity to seriously impact systems in a nation state.”

As we had already mentioned that the attack was launched in short burst of few minutes over the course of a week on this Kevin Beaumont said: ” it appears they are testing denial of service techniques.”

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