Finally, the chief marketing officer of Microsoft admitted that Microsoft aggressively pushed the Malware-Style Windows 10 upgrade and along with it the company also attracted lots of criticism.

Microsoft Admits, They Aggressively Pushed “Malware-Style” Win 10 Upgrade

Microsoft devoted a whole year to force as many users as possible to update to Windows 10, and this update was necessary for a lot of reasons, but occasionally went too far in force and Microsoft finally recognized.

Chris Capossela, chief marketing officer at Microsoft, said in an interview with the Windows Weekly Podcast that was a moment of the campaign upgrade Windows 10 in which he thought he had gone too far. This is because they misled (or confused) users who sought to cancel the upgrade.

As the chief marketing officer of Microsoft stated: “There was a particular moment when people pressed the red “X” in the update app expecting this to mean “cancel”, but in reality, it was to pass the download and installation to the background for “Do not disturb” the user.

The fact is that many people were upset because they felt cheated and that’s when we knew we went too far in forcing the update. The next thing we did was change the operation of that button, but these things take time, so we spend two weeks quite painful receiving criticism”.

Microsoft released an application that was installed on all devices running Windows 7 and Windows 8 (or 8.1) called “Get Windows 10”. This was responsible for updating the devices to the new operating system, and it was where it presented the controversial case of “X” button misleading.

Anyway, this was just one of the many ways in which Microsoft tried to force users to upgrade to Windows 10. The company was showered with the reviews, but the reality is that it was a necessary evil.

Because there are still millions of devices in the world running Windows XP or Windows 7, two systems that are liked by some users are outdated and no longer receive security updates from the company, which makes them vulnerable.

It is true that Windows 8 was a stumble in the history of the operating system and that caused many to refuse to upgrade to W10, but the latest system not only corrected all its flaws but also implemented new features quite useful and attractive, such as Cortana or the new Edge browser that is as good as its rivals.

Microsoft offered the upgrade to Windows 10 for free to all W7 and W8 users for one year. By forcing what they achieved was to prevent the average sloppy user from forgetting to update and leave their system outdated and, more importantly, unprotected.