We all know very well that AI (Artificial Intelligence)is one of the technologies of the future. However, according to the current reports, recently, the tech giant Microsoft just introduced its new AI University simply to find new talent.

Microsoft Creates ‘AI University’ To Find New Talent

Artificial Intelligence is one of the technologies of the future. Several companies have invested in this segment, creating tools and hardware to make this technology more profound and capable, and consequently end up being more useful to users.

The tech giant Microsoft is one of the companies that has bet heavily on Artificial Intelligence and now it has been known that the AI processor it was developing for the HoloLens will be deployed on other equipment as well, including third-party equipment.

It was in July that the tech giant Microsoft announced that it was developing a processor dedicated to Artificial Intelligence intended for the next generation of its HoloLens. This processor will be integrated into the HPU (holographic processing unit) that will have coupled a co-processor dedicated to the processing and implementation of Neural Networks in the device.

The technological giant Microsoft created the Artificial Intelligence University to respond to the shortage of human talent, a global dilemma for the sector.

The university is within the company and offers employees an educational program focused on the essential concepts to develop bots and accelerate the tech giant Microsoft’s advances in this area.

Chris Bishop, director of the tech giant Microsoft research lab in Cambridge, UK, explained that the tech giant Microsoft’s AI University is a new strategy of Microsoft to address the lack of talent in artificial intelligence, a field where there is fierce competition between giants like Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft to get the best professionals.

“The University of AI is launched as an internal education program so that people who are incredibly intelligent and capable, but who are trained in different technologies, can learn quickly on Artificial Intelligence both fundamental and practical sense,” Bishop told Business Insider.

According to the manager, the strategy allows the tech giant Microsoft to avoid going to recruit the best students and “white” universities, a very common practice among the technology companies when it comes to getting talent.

“One of the things we’re trying to avoid is entering a university, transferring all the best students and then leaving the hallways empty,” he said, adding: “That could be a short-term solution for some companies, but I do not think it will serve the industry itself, let alone the academy or the nation.”

The race for the leadership of Artificial Intelligence goes far beyond the technological companies. The same Russian President Vladimir Putin predicted that any country that leads this technology will dominate the world.

“Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia, but for all humanity,” Putin said in a talk with students, and added “It offers colossal opportunities, but also threats that are difficult to predict, whatever the leader in this area will be the one who manages the planet,” he said.

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