What if I say that, If you are concerned about the security and privacy of your passwords then do not use Microsoft Edge? Yes, may it sounds odd but it is true, as a severe flaw in Microsoft Edge puts all your passwords in danger.

Warning! Microsoft Edge Puts All Your Passwords In Danger

If you are concerned about the security and privacy of your saved passwords, then do not use Microsoft Edge, at least for now. This browser, which comes standard with Windows 10, serves as a tray to hackers all your cookies and credentials due to a dangerous vulnerability.

The author of the discovery is an Argentine researcher Manuel Caballero, who has just warned about this exploit in the security of passwords stored in Microsoft Edge. Simply the browser makes available to certain webs all the information that keeps and that is in private theory.

To demonstrate how the vulnerability of this Windows 10 program works, Caballero has created an explanatory video. In this video, it is observed in a very didactic way how easy it is to hack passwords on Edge. Just opening a new window through a malicious link can trick the browser into providing the passwords.

The modus operandi of this exploit is very similar to that of a phishing campaign since it consists in making the user believe that he is visiting a totally safe and legitimate web. Not so, since while you are entertaining reading or interacting with something, the hacker can enter the accounts that have been logged in from the browser.

The main danger to computer security and the privacy of exploits is that they are hard to detect. Not even the best antivirus on the market can do something against a vulnerability that belongs to the code of a program or application. No more waiting for the tech giant Microsoft to remove a park to fix it.

Currently, Edge’s market share is not the same as one day Explorer had. As the Google Chrome clearly dominates the browser industry with an iron hand, leaving very little room for other options. Among the alternatives to Chrome, Edge is not the most prominent, although coming pre-installed with Windows 10 many inexperienced users opt for it.

So, what do you think about this new vulnerability? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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