Recently, the tech giant Microsoft is changing some rooted concepts of its Windows operating system. Hence, now it just added a new “Screen Of Death” to Windows 10 insider build.

Microsoft Just Added A New Screen Of Death To Windows 10

Microsoft is changing some rooted concepts of its Windows operating system. By all accounts, even the color of the ghastly screen of death will change to green, no longer being the Blue Screen of Death will remain, as it will soon become Green Screen of Death.

Everyone knows this infamous screen that appears if Windows has a serious problem and can not recover it. The well-known and old Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) will soon turn green for Windows 10 test users. The information circulating on the web states that this screen will now be available on Windows 10 (build 14997) Version that brings a lot of new features and changes.

One of the big news is this new green screen of death, instead of the traditional one. This change was unveiled in the form of “guess” on Twitter by a Microsoft employee, Matthijs Hoekstra but was soon put to the discovery by an MSPoweruser, Chris123NT.

It is not yet clear why Microsoft passed the Screen of Death into “blue to green” in Windows 10 Insider builds, but Hoekstra confirms that this new color scheme is only available (for now) for participants in the test versions.

Microsoft is likely to want to distinguish a genuine BSOD from other problems and glitches that are most likely to occur during Windows 10 testing. This is because many users who participate in the testing program publish errors and glitches that appear on the Internet and with this new color will help Microsoft to detect that it is something new.

Green Screen Of Death


As it can be seen that this error screen also has a QR code that allows easy access to information about the error, a feature that in the past had already been introduced.

Microsoft put these public Windows 10 tests on hold because of this holiday season. There should be nothing new in the operating system until next month. The compilation 14997 also went to the web and the new features include, as already noted, the activation of the personal assistant Cortana during the initial setup phase of the PC.

An off resource is also present. Lux, to automatically reduce the blue light, there are traces of an Xbox game mode, Microsoft Edge brings improvements and the introduction of functionality to create folders and applications in the Start Menu.