We all know very well that it was about a year ago that the tech giant Microsoft and the giant chip maker Qualcomm began their partnership to bring PCs equipped with ARM processors and a “normal” version of Windows 10. However, now finally, the tech giant Microsoft launched Windows 10 PCs with ARM processors and All-Day battery life.

Microsoft Just Launched Windows 10 PCs With ‘All-Day’ Battery Life

It was about a year ago that the tech giant Microsoft and the giant chip maker Qualcomm began their partnership to bring a new category of equipment that will break with all ideas and rules. We’re talking about PCs equipped with ARM processors and a “normal” version of Windows 10.

Over the months this idea began to take shape and to have the first images available, culminating today with the presentation of the first offers of this new category. The first computers based on ARM processors were introduced and seem to deliver what everyone expected.

It was a few hours ago, at the Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit, the tech giant Microsoft unveiled those that are the first proposals in an area that for many is completely new.

Computers based on the well-known Snapdragon 835 have been unveiled and are in the hands of 3 of Microsoft’s best-known partners.

It will be up to HP, Asus and Lenovo to take on the market for the first devices that the tech giant Microsoft has designated Always Connected. With high battery times and high internet speeds, these machines want to be the ideal companion for everyday life.

The first deals with ARM and Windows 10

For now, only HP and Asus have unveiled their machines, Envy x2 and NovoGo, with Lenovo finalizing its offer. Any of these machines guarantees more than 20 hours of work and 30 days in standby, instant startups and Gigabit Internet connection speeds.

These models will actually be augmented versions of smartphones, adapted to this new reality. They will be equipped with 4G LTE modems and will not have fans, thanks to its construction structure.

These offers will exist in versions of 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, with prices ranging between 800 and 1000 dollars. They are expected to arrive in the spring.

All machines will come equipped with Windows 10 S, running only apps from the Windows store, with the possibility of being upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, just as it is currently on “normal” machines.

The ARM version of Windows 10

Since an ARM processor is present, the tech giant Microsoft had to handle the entire conversion process. In fact, the entire system and apps will run on the x86 architecture, making the real-time conversion to the ARM world.

There is still a limitation for now. Only 32-bit apps can be used, and mechanisms to support the 64-bit architecture are being addressed. There is also, of course, no support for virtualization and other exclusive Intel technologies.


Of course, the processing power of these processors falls short of many of Intel’s and AMD’s proposals, but Snapdragon 835 will be able to handle the message for most apps and the tasks users will need.

After the snub that was the Windows RT, this is the clear bet of the tech giant Microsoft in a new philosophy that has everything to avenge and bear fruit. Windows 10 is mature and ready to storm other niches. ARM architecture has the obvious advantage of consuming much less power and the integration of next-generation LTE modems gives the Internet access speeds users demand.

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