The issue of Microsoft and smartphones is a story that has been around for a long time. But, now the CEO of the tech giant Microsoft, Satya Nadella hinted that Microsoft will make phones that won’t look like any other.

Microsoft To Make Smartphones That Won’t Look Like Any Other: Satya Nadella

The issue of the tech giant Microsoft and smartphones is a story that we have been around for a long time. There are many rumors that invite us to think that the firm of Redmond will make another attempt in this field, but the reality also tells us that this highly respected Surface Phone has not seen the light for years.

The task is not easy, we are talking about a phone that must compete against all Android and Apple smartphones, an idea easy to pronounce but difficult to put into practice. So, if you call Microsoft, can not use any device to be present in the field of smartphones, we speak of a global brand image in which each and every sector count and contribute.

Microsoft does not lose hope

But once drawn that scenario of adversity, we must also recognize that since the tech giant Microsoft has never given the battle for loss. Now, according to the reliable sources, the CEO of the company has made statements in which we can intuit that we will finally see a new smartphone, which will be ambitious but above all, it will be different.

The concrete words that they have rescued in the mentioned medium are “to make other telephones, but that do not resemble those that already exist”. It is true that these words pronounced by Satya Nadella also do not reveal much, but they make clear that the responsible signature of Windows is clear the concept of what to do.

At Microsoft, they know that the smartphone market is practically saturated, and to fight back for the top positions requires a real alternative to the rest. We talk about something that is not simple and that will also take time, but if someone is able to do it should be one of the great companies of the technological world.

For the idea of that resurgence to gain strength, Microsoft CEO has not hesitated to cite the company’s achievements in the tablet market. “What we’ve done with Surface tablets is a nice example. No one before us thought the 2 in 1 could constitute a separate product category.”

From all these statements, it seems that sooner or later we will end up seeing a new smartphone designed entirely by the tech giant Microsoft itself, a device that will mark its return by everything great. The big question is, how long will it take them to come up with that great and revolutionary idea?

So, what do you think about this great revolutionary idea? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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