As we all know very well that the change in Microsoft’s attitude towards Linux and open-source software has changed a lot over the years. Now, Microsoft uses Open-Source Software to build Windows.

Microsoft Uses Open-Source Software To Build Windows

Since Satya Nadella took command of Microsoft many things have changed within the company. An example of this was the recent events held by the company in Redmond, where interesting news was presented that will certainly stir the market, as well as the cloud segment where the tech giant Microsoft is currently a reference player with the Azure platform.

On the other hand, the tech giant Microsoft also bet strongly on Open Source and the slogan is “Microsoft loves Linux” makes more and more sense.

In recent years Microsoft’s bet on Open Source has been visible, especially on the Azure platform. If a few years ago the Open Source was seen as a “competitor”, it is now as if it were a strong ally to support all the strategies of the company.

Last February the tech giant Microsoft revealed that it would adopt the Git platform for software version control. Git was initially developed by Linus Torvalds so that it has an automatic mechanism to provide code for Linux kernel development.

In addition to the Linux Kernel, there are currently many world projects that use this version control system, such as the Perl, Eclipse, Gnome, KDE, QT, Rubby on Rails, Android, PostgreSQl, Debian, projects among others.

Now, after three months, the company has revealed that the world’s largest git repository is being built to support Windows. Currently, most Windows programmers already use the Git platform and in the coming months will also migrate to this platform the 500 missing engineers.

But what’s the reason to use Git?

According to the tech giant Microsoft itself, the current scale of the Windows operating system is simply “monstrous.” Let’s look at some numbers:-

  • There are currently 4000 engineers working on Windows
  • The system has more than 3.5 million files when passed to a Git repo occupy 300 Gbytes (of code)
  • The code has about 6,600 daily revisions and an average of 8,500 publications (daily)
  • Every day more than 1,760 different “lab builds” of Windows are created

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