Microsoft Will
Microsoft Will "Do Great Things" At MWC 2017

Most of the people think that Microsoft is trying to get out of the mobile business, but Microsoft reemphasizes its efforts to improve Windows 10 Mobile and it wants to show these efforts to everyone.

Microsoft Will “Do Great Things” At MWC 2017

Virtually all Microsoft smartphone plants were sold or closed in this year, and Microsoft has spent the impression that the company had really given up its mobile business. However, one of Microsoft’s own site – created especially to arrange meetings with other segment companies – is reporting that it will be present at Mobile World Congress 2017, the world’s largest event focused on the smartphone, appliances, and furniture solutions.

The point here is that no one expected Microsoft to attend the event after in practice they were no longer struggling to stay in the smartphone market. Officially, however, the company’s owner Bill Gates keeps saying it will stay in the game. Considering these two situations, the size of the rumors is considering the possibility that Microsoft finally releases the legendary Surface Phone in the event.

So, we can expect the surface phone in MWC “The size of the rumors is cogitating the possibility of Microsoft finally launching the legendary Surface Phone”.

If that does not happen, the hope is that at least some design of the type will be revealed, with some information that could lead to the launch of such a smartphone more towards the end of the year. This idea is reinforced by the fact that Microsoft, in partnership with Qualcomm, having made a demonstration of Windows 10 Pro running on an ARM chip, the Snapdragon 820.

This rekindled the hopes of having a stock operating system on a mobile device since the chips from Qualcomm are widely used in smartphones and tablets around the world. In the demo, the thing seemed so natural, that Photoshop was displayed running normally, with no major performance issues.

If an ARM chip like Snapdragon 820 can run Windows 10 Pro as well, why would not Microsoft invest in a smartphone that can work as a cell phone in the user’s hand and as a computer when connected to a dock?

Anyway, MWC 2017 is scheduled to take place in Barcelona. We do not know if the tech giant Microsoft will have an on-site conference, but its presence in the event is apparently a certainty.