The Canadian tech giant Blackberry announced that it will stop making its own smartphones. But, recently a mysterious BlackBerry device was spotted in the wild.

Mysterious BlackBerry Device Spotted In The Wild

In the last hours it has been confirmed that Blackberry has given all its rights to manufacture new mobile signature to the Chinese company known as TCL, which has in its portfolio Alcatel mobile also. With this deal, it clearly seems that finally, it is terminating the manufacture of new BlackBerry devices by the Canadian company, but in recent times a new Blackberry phone appeared which is not known yet who manufactured this device.

After DTEK60 and filtering Blackberry Mercury with a physical keyboard, it appears that these would be the latest Blackberry phones before giving up their rights to TCL. Now, seemingly new device has just popped up on the website of Indonesian regulator known as POSTEL.

However, the leak does not provide much information regarding the leaked device from BlackBerry, but, the existence of a new Blackberry model is confirmed with the name “BBC100-1”, further nothing is known yet.


There is the information that the BBA100-1 phone model refers to DTEK60, while the BBB100-1 is related to the Blackberry Mercury, which is expected to newly discovered model as BBC100-1 is another new Blackberry phone, perhaps One last surprise.

At the moment nothing is known of its possible technical specifications, but the Blackberry Mercury is a device of 4.7 inches, with processor Snapdragon 625 and with an own physical keyboard of Blackberry.

Moreover, what is confirmed is that future phones with the Blackberry label will be designed and manufactured by the Chinese company TCL, so the heart will no longer be the same and will compete in a very different market. Of course, the original Blackberry company will continue to exist, but only as a company dedicated to security solutions for Android.