Earlier we reported about a dangerous ransomware like “WannaCry”, which is known as Petya and it has already attacked a large number of countries, including Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany, etc. However, NATO is simply considering this dangerous ransomware as a potential act of war.

NATO Considering Petya Ransomware A Potential Act Of War

In recent times There have been many large-scale attacks carried out by the cyber criminals that have affected Internet users. Increasingly all the cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated, as they just want to steal data or profit from your lock.

The attack last week is now being investigated and everything points to it being sponsored or carried out by a country with a specific purpose. This situation is being assessed by NATO, which considers it to be an act of war.

Although there are still no certainties, everything indicates that last week’s attack Petya was carried out with the help of the Russian government, although the reasons are not known. On the very day that Petya attacked Ukraine, Kiev’s finger was pointed at Russia.

NATO, which is evaluating this attack and its outlines, has already made public its position and a Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence (CEC) researcher has made clear the steps that can be taken.

The important government systems have been targeted, then in case, the operation is attributed to a state this could count as a violation of sovereignty.

Consequently, this could be an internationally wrongful act, which might give the various states several options to respond with countermeasures.

If this measure is confirmed for one of the NATO countries, and critical infrastructures have been reached, Article 5 can be invoked, which would lead to a NATO response.

Unlike other recent attacks, such as WannaCry, Petya was aimed at a single country and a well-identified set of critical infrastructures, which shows well the intentions of the attackers.

It is not yet known how and when, and even this retaliatory measure will be carried out against the perpetrators of the attack carried out with Petya. This will be done very discreetly and directed to the perpetrators of the attack, hoping to eliminate the entire support structure for these attackers.

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