According to the recent reports and leaks, the Cupertino giant Apple may not launch the long and most-awaited smartphone of 2017, of course, the “iPhone 8”. Sounds bit wicked but it is true.

Bad news Apple fans, New Leak Suggests There’s No iPhone 8

Recently, Mac Otakara leaks details related to the iPhone in August threw overland almost everything we knew so far about the new Apple smartphone. Starting with the name: the previous rumors shrank the possibility that, instead of iPhone 8, the company of Cupertino would call to its device of 2017 “iPhone X.” However, the Japanese medium claimed that it would eventually be iPhone Edition.

The reason they adduce from the Japanese publication is that the tech giant Apple would have decided to bet on this nomenclature to follow the line marked in other top-of-the-range devices. Thus, for example, the superior version of the Apple Watch is called Watch Edition, so it would make sense that the corporation opted for iPhone Edition to name its new mobile phone.

Another aspect that Mac Otakara emphasized is that the new iPhone of 2017 would not be as described in previous rumors, but the brand would be working on an extensive catalog of prototypes with characteristics of the most disparate: different materials to Finishes, various screen technologies, as well as options with and without the start button.

It is at this point that we find the first bad news. So far, it seemed almost confirmed that the iPhone 8 would be Apple’s first mobile phone with OLED display, bearing in mind that the company has signed an agreement with the South Korean giant Samsung to supply 160 million OLED panels.

The second bad news that comes out of Mac Otakara’s report is that Apple would have ruled out the transition from the new iPhone 2017 to USB Type C, so the Lightning connector would not be replaced. Although the information cheerful to many users to be able to use the cables of previous models, the certain thing is that the USB Type-C has many advantages, and also would make it compatible with the charging cables of other Android smartphones.

Finally, the third drawback of the Japanese portal leak is that the device will hit the market long after its announcement, which rumors say will occur next September. Most likely, the tech giant Apple wants to take advantage of the pull off Christmas sales, but it is unknown how much time it will take to reach the market.

As always when it comes to rumors and leaks since the company has not made any official confirmation, so, we can not say that the information will become a reality. Mac Otakara has made several predictions, such as the disappearance of the headset connector of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but on other occasions has also released news that has not finally been fulfilled. Therefore, we still have to wait for official confirmation.


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