The Finnish company Nokia’s executive Mike Wang, president of the joint management team in China, has recently confirmed that 3 or possibly 4 new Nokia-branded Android smartphones are set to be unveiled in the fourth quarter of this year, 2016.

New Nokia Smartphones Confirmed For Q4 2016

One of the most nostalgic and famous names from around the world when we think of mobile or smartphones, the Nokia which is suddenly disappeared from the market after selling its mobile devices business to the tech giant Microsoft.

At the time, the manufacturer agreed to not use the own brand to produce smartphones or other consumer devices until the last quarter of 2016. But now, that time is coming again, the Finnish company Nokia decided to formalize its return and want to confirm that their upcoming devices will come running Android Operating System.

However, it may also possible that the actual launch could be pushed back into early 2017 which is fully depending on the testing and development department of the company.

Nokia’s new devices, however will not be manufactured in the same facilities which come out before. The production will now be the responsibility of the Chinese company HMD and the press of China also reported that the president of Nokia’s division in the country, Mike Wang, confirmed that “three or four” new Nokia-branded devices with Android operating system set to be launched sometime in the upcoming three months of this year, 2016, including both smartphones and tablets.

But, there is still no official information about the new phones from Nokia, but rumors of unknown origins indicate that the Finnish company Nokia should return to the market with two high-end smartphones.

Both would count with 820 Snapdragon processor and will come with the latest version of Android which will be the Android 7.0 nougat factory installed, besides counting on metal substrates with resistance to water and dust. The only difference would be the size of the screens or display.