As we all know that the mobile operating system Android is the most used mobile operating system worldwide. However, this system has shown some weaknesses, as well as other flaws which always affect millions of devices.

This New Vulnerability Affects 900 Million Android Devices

A few hours ago, the international provider of software and combined hardware and software products for IT security, including network security, endpoint security, data security and security management Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. has released details on a new set of failures affecting Android devices using Qualcomm SoCs.

It was on their official website that the Check Point has revealed and also stated that there are four vulnerabilities found that are affecting more than 900 million Androids devices.

QuadRooter was the name chosen to designate these four vulnerabilities affecting Android smartphones and tablets, which use Qualcomm SoCs. In practice, the affected devices can be totally controlled by the attackers, like the attackers can gain access to data stored on the affected device, control the camera, microphone, etc.

To be able to control a device, the attacker only has to get the user to install an app with malicious software, unlike other attacks, or require “special permission”.

Check Point has confirmed that most manufacturers have devices that are vulnerable because any device with Qualcomm processor is vulnerable as mentioned earlier. In fact, virtually in 2016, every phone contains Qualcomm processors and therefore they are affected.

A Qualcomm spokeswoman explained that the chipmaker has solved all faults and sent security patches to their customers, partners and to the open source community.

However, the tech giant Google has corrected three failures in its latest monthly security patch update for Android, but one of the vulnerabilities is still unresolved and have to wait until September patch, which will arrive in the first days of next month.

Although the Nexus phones will be free from problems in September, there is no guarantee that 900 million devices from other manufacturers are to receive patches as quickly as like Nexus devices, because we can not even be certain that it will receive in some time.

To help users to detect whether their device is vulnerable or not, the security firm Check Point has launched an application in the Google Play Store that evaluates the device and alerts users if they are exposed to QuadRooter.