Nokia fans, this might be the dream mobile phone you have been waiting for. According to the reports from reliable sources very soon the Finnish company Nokia will launch the most and long awaited flagship smartphone of Nokia, of course, the Nokia 8.

Nokia 8 With Snapdragon 835 Processor To Launch In June

According to latest leaked data, Nokia’s top-of-the-range smartphone, the long-awaited Nokia 8, is expected to come in light in three months. Yes, it means that the presentation could take place during the month of June.

A presentation that would result in two versions of the Nokia 8 with features such as the expected Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, a dual rear camera and versions of 4 GB and 6 GB of RAM. In the same way, prices are already advanced, ranging from $570 to $650 (In Indian currency Rs. 38,000 to Rs. 41,000).

However, in the Mobile World Congress, Nokia served us the new Nokia 3, Nokia 5 along with the new and global variant of Nokia 6 and in addition to the new Nokia 3310. But, nothing was heard of the rumored flagship, the more powerful Nokia with Android for the remainder of the year. Now the various leaks put us behind the track of the Nokia 8, some of its features and even starting price.

The truth is that all the leaks produced around the Nokia 8 reveal a common feature. We are talking about the processor, the most outstanding to date, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. A SoC that will deliver high performance that aims to become the flagship of the renewed Nokia.

However, the filtration is much more succulent than the information concerning the processor. The first one we already know, and it was poured recently in the Net from the own declarations of Nokia from its profile on Twitter.

The next Nokia cameras with high-end Android will not feature the popular German Carl Zeiss lens. Nevertheless, the filtration shows that the novelty in the photographic section will come from the hand of a configuration with the double rear camera with the sensor of 23 megapixels.

Another detail that has spread is the RAM of the future Nokia 8, as we told earlier that the top model of range would come in two versions identified by modules of 4GB and 6 GB of RAM.

If the fact that some of the features of the Nokia 8 with Snapdragon 835 have been filtered seems interesting to us, even more, is the fact that the date of presentation of the Nokia 8 is already being advanced, according to the references. As the sources consulted, the Nokia 8 would come into the light in the month of June this year.

While if we talk about the possible prices for these versions of Nokia 8, then the most basic version of Nokia 8 could start from $570. On the other hand, the most outstanding model would be around $650.

Here’s the best concept video of Nokia 8, just have a look, I bet it will definitely appeal you:-

So, what do you think about the Nokia 8? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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