Tor which is the anonymizing network is currently being used by many people who want to access various online services without disclosing their identity. The number of people accessing Facebook via Tor has been increasing rapidly over the past year. Facebook on Friday announced that now 1 million users access Facebook via Tor.

Now 1 Million People Use Tor To Access Facebook

“This growth is a reflection of the choices that people make to use Facebook over Tor, and the value that it provides them. We hope they will continue to provide feedback and help us keep improving,” stated Alec Muffett, a software engineer for security infrastructure at Facebook.

Last year in June, Muffet stated that about 525,000 people would access Facooking via Tor over a 30 day period, and has almost doubled in less than a year, which is now 1 million. He further said that “This number has grown—roughly linearly—and this month, for the first time, we saw this ‘30 day’ figure exceed 1 million people,”.

The Tor is also known as onion router network, it lets user to browse anonymously by sending data via multiple encrypted apps instead of making direct connections, which safeguards the identity of its users.

The independent dark web is frequently used by hackers, privacy activists, journalists in order to communicate securely.

Facebook made its debut on the dark web in 2014, creating a particular address for users to access its website securely. Earlier this year, the company also included support for Android mobile. However, iOS currently there is no support for iOS, although iOS users can still access Facebook using other apps like the Onion Browser.


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