Now use the 20-Year-Old operating system via your browser online. Check the glimpses of the nostalgic Operating System.

Windows 95 won’t discontinue. Now you can run your web browser online and see how it looks while browsing its features. If you desire to use Windows 95 for some reason, you won’t have got chance to use it because it is the outdated and older operating system.

Now you can Run Windows 95 on a Web Browser online

You can now run Windows 95 online in your browser. Thanks to Andrea Faulds, a 19-year-old developer is hailing from Scotland who made it possible. It can run in almost any web browser using Emscripten, an emulator that converts C++ code to JavaScript. It doesn’t need any download, plugins, or software.

The Windows 95 emulator takes a minute to load. You can access all functions which you expect from Windows 95 Operating System, including some nostalgic games like Solitaire and Minesweeper, and they run well.

Internet Explorer will crash in this OS when you browse through it online. However, it is not clear whether the emulator crashes or Internet Explorer.

The Scottish Developer is violating copyrights that Microsoft owns. This website could be taken down anytime if Microsoft files a lawsuit against the website owner.

As we know, this Developer is violating the copyright of Microsoft, but it will be nostalgic for those who used this operating system during their times. We can’t use this operating system because it is outdated now, but we can still look at its glimpses.

So, this is all about the website which lets you use Windows 95 online. You can access almost all features of Windows 95 online, including games. We hope you loved this article; feel free to share this with your friends.