Alert! 59 Percent Online Daters in India are at Security Risk
Alert! 59 Percent Online Daters in India are at Security Risk

Research by Global Security Software firm Norton by Symantec said 59% Indians who use Online dating services and apps face security issue and are at the security risk.

Alert! 59 Percent Online Daters in India are at Security Risk

The trend of online dating services is growing day-by-day and why not? Popular Dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid makes dating easy. According to Security firm, Norton by Symantec three in five of Indian online daters is now facing security issues.

New Study was revealed by Norton by Symantec on Wednesday in which they said “In India, about 38 percent of consumers admitted to having used online dating apps at some point in their lives. In fact, currently, eight percent of women and 13 percent of men in India have dating apps on their mobile devices,”

The study was actually conducted among 1,005 Smartphone and tablet users who age 16 years and above 16 years and those users who accepted that they have been used or using online dating apps or services have experienced security problems which count 64% women and 57% men.

Ritesh Chopra, Country Manager, India, Norton by Symantec said “While there are many legitimate daters on these apps, considering the anonymity, online daters can run the risk of becoming a victim of stalking, harassment, catfishing, identity theft, and even phishing scams”

The security issues reported includes Virus or malware (23%), Nuisance ads (13%), being fooled into using premium services (9%), cyberstalking (9%), identity theft (6%) and revenge porn (4%) and the report also stated that most numbers of users who use online dating services are from Delhi.

The result also showed “Online dating apps were most likely to have been used at least once by people in Delhi (51 percent), followed by Chennai (39 percent), Kolkata (36 percent), Ahmedabad (35 percent)and Mumbai (35 percent)”

Ritesh Chopra also added some thoughts on the solution he said “The solution is not to panic, nor is it to stop using the apps. Online dating on mobile devices isn’t going away but there are some simple, best practices Indians can adopt to keep themselves, their devices and mobile apps secure”