Oracle is a global computer technology corporation, the company is seeking about $9.3 Billion Dollars from Google for software infringement. It has slammed Google for using Java in Android.

Oracle Seeks $9.3 Billion From Google For Copyright Violation

Oracle maintains that it should get $475 Million in damages including $8.8 Billion which the company categorized to “profits apportioned to infringed Java copyrights” states Fortune Website.

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Oracle claims that Google hasn’t paid the company for using Java which was originally developed by Sun Micro-systems and later purchased by Oracle in the year 2010. To recall, in 2012 both the companies took the issue to court, however judge was not able to verify whether Google used Java API’s justly.

Both the companies will once again meet in Court in May, however both the companies refused to comment on this issue.

In February 2016, Oracle witnessed a higher quarterly profit from its cloud business. Oracle has been investing in Internet Based software business over a period of time in order to grab market share from competitors like & Workday.

Oracle’s co chief executive, Safra Catz in a statement said “Our cloud business is now in a hyper-growth phase,”.

The initial filings in preparation for that case specify that Oracle is seeking $9.3 Billion in damages from Google. Google counter ins’t available for inspection yet, but they claim they are only culpable for $100 Million in damages.


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