If you feel whacked while chatting with your friends, you can easily challenge them to a chess game by just typing the simple command.

The messenger app of Facebook helps us stay in touch with our friends and relatives. We can chat and also share images and videos in Messenger App. But you may not have noticed its hidden secret. You can play chess easily on Facebook Messenger, which doesn’t require any app to play it.

Play Secret Game, and Chess in Facebook Messenger

How to Play this Game

If you get bored by chatting with your friends, it is a good game; you can easily challenge them to play chess. This game can be played on mobile and web versions of Facebook Messenger. Users can continue chatting without stopping the game.

Playing the game via Messenger is a little tricky, unless and until you are intimate with basic chess commands.

How to Play this Game?

  1. To start the chess game, enter @fbchess play in the text box. If you want to play a chess game in a group chat, you can add the same command followed by the name of your friend with whom you want to play chess, like @fbchess Khazin.
  2. Now, if you want to move pieces, you need to use the command @fbchess backing by the letter to select a bit and the position you desire to move to, like @fbchess Pd4. Here P stands for pawn, while D4 prescribes the post you wish to move it to.

Just enter @fbchess help to get the table of all commands, including seeing your stats or leaving the game.

This is an exciting game, especially if you feel bored chatting with your friends. This game can be played on a Web Browser and Messenger Mobile App. It doesn’t require any extra software. We hope you loved this article; feel free to share this with your friends.