The best thing about the Android OS regarding the activities of links is that it can easily redirect up the any of the links to your special apps that you want to open up these links. And here is the guide to Redirect Links to Open in the App you Really Wanted.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here is no such restriction like you can only open up the links in the default particular apps of the OS as it happens in iOS or the Windows phone. In Android, there is a very handy option through which you can choose up the preferred app of your liking to open the links every time you click on them and once if you choose to go for “Always” option from that prompted message you won’t be asked anymore and your preselected app will be used for opening links from that time. Although this feature of Android is more than enough to work with the links and check into preferred apps to open these but for much more comfortable working with the Links to be opened up in different tabs we have stated below in this article a very different way out. Just check it out!

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How to Redirect Links to Open in the App you Really Wanted in Android

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow some of the simple steps discussed below to proceed.

Steps to Redirect Links to Open in the App you Really Wanted in Android:

#1 To end your traditional Android style way out of handling up the Links and opening up these in various different apps of your choice, you will first have to install the App named “Open Link With..“. Yes! This is the name of the app and you can easily find it on the Google Play store.

#2 After you have your app installed with whole the permissions granted, you will have to run it on your device. Now that is too simple! Just find up the app icon on your dock and then tap it to open it. On the first launch of the app, you shall be asked to grant some User Access permissions, just from the Usage Access screen enable the toggle of the “Open Link With..” app.

Redirect Links to Open in the App you Really Wanted
Redirect Links to Open in the App you Really Wanted

#3 Now for the time until you next need to work with the links you can forget that if you have installed to the Open With Link app. And if you have your link that opens up in the wrong app then just head over to the Android Share menu and then select Open With from the list. Here you can see up the Open With Link App stated in the list.

 Redirect Links to Open in the App you Really Wanted
Redirect Links to Open in the App you Really Wanted

#4 Once you select up that from the list you can then choose up the app on which you want to open up the link. Means that if you have selected the wrong app from the general options on Android to open the Link and after that you got up to open it in different app then you can just easily do that from the share button, just select the Open With from the sharing list and you can then choose up the different app for opening up the same link.

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So this was the great different method of working with your links and redirect these links to your preferred apps or the web browsers (as links are opened in web browsers only). This method just makes it too easy to work with multiple types of links and set them in such a way that these gets pushed to be opened in those predefined particular apps only. Just try this above method and you shall get easy with your redirection of the links!