A fake Reliance Jio bill has recently surfaced online which claims that the user has to pay Rs. 27,718 for using Reliance Jio Services.

Reliance Jio User Gets a Bill Of Rs 27000, Know The Truth Behind It

We all know about Reliance Jio, It had completely changed the telecom market by providing unlimited free calls and internet to all its subscriber. However, a fake Reliance Jio bill has recently surfaced online.

The bill suggests that the customer named Mrs. Ayunuddin Mondal has to pay Rs. 27,718 for using Reliance Jio services. The bill was issued to Mrs. Ayunuddin Mondal of Kolkata circle. The bill clearly shows November 20,2016 as the due date.

The bill also shows that if he makes the payment after the due date than the additional Rs 1,100 would be added to his bill as a penalty charge. However, its well-known fact that Reliance Jio is offering unlimited 4G data and calls from past few months and also promised to do so until December 31.

So, now the question arises. How did he get the bill? Well, that’s a fake bill that is circulating on the Internet. Reliance Jio Spokesperson said to ET:

“The bill in circulation is fake. Currently, we are offering services under Jio welcome offer, and we reassure our existing customers as well as potential customers who subscribed to Jio connection till December 3 that benefits of free unlimited voice and data will be available to all until 31st December 2016.”

This is not the only rumor that is circulating on the internet, Some of the popular rumors like, Sim slot 1 won’t work after you use Reliance Jio 4G LTE sim, Reliance Jio will charge you if you use free internet, make voice/video calls and send SMS. However, the company claims that all these rumors are completely false.

There is also a good news for Reliance Jio subscriber that Jio might extend its welcome offer up to March 2017 and the announcement is expected to be made on December 28. So, it remains to be seen as to whether the Welcome Offer will be extended till March 31, 2017 or not.