Just after the New Rs 2,000 notes come to circulations, some people are selling Rs 2,000 notes on eBay for Rs 1.51 Lakhs.

Some People Are Selling Rs 2,000 Notes On eBay For Rs 1.51 Lakhs

As we all know in a major step to check black money, Indian Prime Minister Modi shocked the entire nation by announcing demonetization of Rs 500 and 1000 currency notes. There is the huge rush outside every bank and post office because of peoples trying to exchange their existing Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.

So, if you want to forget those long ATM queues and huge bank rush to exchange those notes then you can lay your hands on a crisp Rs 2,000 note through online. The need for new notes is increasing with each passing day. Taking advantage of the situation, people who hold new Rs 2000 note are selling it on eBay

Things went funny when people are selling the new Rs 2,000 notes at the hefty price which starts from Rs 3,500. Even some are spotted selling new notes at an unimaginable price of Rs 1.5 lakh because the new notes have some religious importance.

Some People Are Selling Rs 2,000 Notes On eBay For Rs 1.51 Lakhs
Some People Are Selling Rs 2,000 Notes On eBay For Rs 1.51 Lakhs

The series of five Rs 2000 notes starting with the number 786 are being sold by a seller on eBay for Rs 1.51 lakh because the number 786 is considered to be a holy number by many religious communities in India.

New Delhi-based astrologer, who didn’t want to share the name said: “India, people are ready to pay a premium for goods that sport numbers with religious significance such as vehicle number plates, mobile numbers or even residential addresses”.

When reached out to eBay India to enquire about such listings a spokesperson said that it does “not exercise control” on what is listed by independent sellers on eBay and also mentioned that “There has been no successful transaction for Rs 2,000 currency notes”

However, the company was disabling access to the notified listings to avoid any kind of legal hassle. So, what you think about this? Share your views in comment box below.