What if I say you all that “Soon you will be able to run Windows Applications on any Android device ?” sounds pretty interesting right. Yes, very soon you will be able to run Windows apps on any Android device.

Soon You Can Run Windows Apps On Any Android Device

Surely it happened on Linux and remember that sometimes you needed a certain application which actually is not available for the Linux systems. But, with Wine you can easily solve your problem, Wine is an emulator which simply allows Linux users to run the software specifically designed for Microsoft Windows.

But, did you know what is the most interesting thing about this emulator ? The Linux emulator Wine will soon come with the support for the Android as well.

It is long spoken of the Wine of support within the mobile operating system which is most used in the world, of course, what it could be, Android. Currently, Wine allows to run Windows apps on Linux and Mac but soon it will also be possible to run these apps on Android as well, isn’t it interesting, of course it is, right.

Initially, the support will be available for Chromebooks but it will also reach the smartphones as well.

Crossover on an Intel ChromeBook

With the release of Wine 2.0, which will take place between December and January, this emulator will gain support for DirectX 11 which means that the user will be able to run newer games designed for Windows only on Apple and Linux systems.

However, we will recommend you all not to expect that feature in this version, as this feature will be still not come with this version. But, hold on here one Preview version of Crossover is available for those who want to experience and already lets you run Windows apps in ChromeBbook.

The Crossover is one of the most fantastic software that exists, since it allows to “take” the applications of the windows world to other platforms, without the need of license. Although not very popular (certainly due to the price and cost of support), users end up opting for the wine that is available for free. The Crossover is based on Wine but has more user-friendly interface and better support for “emulation applications”.