As we all know very well that the issues of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding are at the forefront of the South Korean tech giant. Hence, Samsung chooses to end the production and the selling of the device precipitately. But, Samsung promises Note 7 owners a 50% discount on the Galaxy S8 or Note 8.

Samsung Promises Note 7 Owners A 50% Discount On The Galaxy S8 or Note 8

Samsung made a program to collect all the Galaxy Note 7 from the market, even Samsung is reportedly also offering $100 for Americans who want to exchange their explosive device with the other brand smartphone. However, in South Korea, the initiative will be even more interesting: the South Korean smartphone manufacturer is offering 50% off on the upcoming Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8, which has not yet been announced.

Early promotion of Samsung is valid for Korean consumers who participate in the recall and exchange a Galaxy Note 7 for the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, which does not bring a battery temperamental. These users will be able to upgrade in 2017, for a “Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8”, for half price as the devices are cited by the Samsung itself. Yes, it simply means that Samsung will provide flat 50 percent discount to Galaxy Note 7 owners.

For us who do not want to buy a Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea, the news means that Samsung should not discontinue the Note line, which is much different than many imagined. Apparently, damage to the brand image was not enough to kill Samsung products.

Apart from the Galaxy Note 7, the South Korean Smartphone manufacturer Samsung will not jump ship on the other phablet models they have brought out. The continuous selling of the mid-range models, such as the Galaxy A9, Galaxy A7, Galaxy A8, Galaxy C7/C9, Galaxy E7 and the Galaxy J7, will attest to their commitment when it comes to jumbo smartphone innovations.

Interestingly, the South Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung has yet to release a product called Galaxy Note 8. However, Samsung is said to unveil the Galaxy S8 on February 2017. 26, 2017, wherein the introduction date is in preparation for a March 2017 launch date. Hence, the Galaxy Note 8 may likely be released in a few months after that, or at least by the second half of 2017.

Tushar Subhra Dutta
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