Samsung's New Browser Gets AD Blocking Support
Samsung's New Browser Gets AD Blocking Support

InShortViral: Samsung has enabled ad blocking support in its browser running on lollipop and later versions.

The Smartphone’s giant Samsung is holding its stand against the ads on the Internet. However, this tool is pre-installed on every Samsung browser which is running on Android Lollipop and so on. It has enabled support for content and ad blocking plugins in its browser.

Samsung’s New Browser Gets AD Blocking Support

This Ad blocking Technique by Samsung is similar to Apple’s Safari Browser in iOS 9. It will help users to install apps that blocks ads from the websites they visit. A content blocker named AdBlock Fast is available for Samsung’s Internet Web Browser. This plugin has over 2,00,000 users and is available on iOS, Opera and Chrome Browsers.

Content Blockers on Smartphones gave rise to many controversies when iOS 9 was released last year. Samsung is not the first Android smartphone to enable ad blocking feature for its users, however Asus announced last month that their smartphones sold this year will have ad-blocking feature by default.

Ad-Blocking plugins resulted in many controversies. It is admitted that they help to reduce data and webpage loading time, however they are affecting Website Publisher’s revenue.

It is not simple to block ads and content on Android just like installing a browser plugin. Google Chrome which is pre-installed on Android Devices and Samsung Internet currently don’t support blockers. Brave, which is a web browser and they claimed that they have pre-installed ad blocking features but it is not popular as Chrome. As we see many people are blocking ads via many plugins on computer browsers but it is not common in Mobile Browsers.

So, this was all about the Samsung’s ad blocking feature in its browser. We might have seen when we try to install any ad blocking extension in Chrome, it blocks ads on websites and YouTube but however sometimes it installs some plugins that display unnecessary ads to the users, like popups and other hectic ads. Some Ad-blockers block ads on Webpages but sometimes they show their own ads. If we desire to remove these crappy ads, it is very difficult to remove them. We hope that you loved this article, do share it with your friends. Leave your opinions about Ad Blocking in comment section, we will discuss more about it there.